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Backyard Birds

A few of my daily visitors here in the heart of the big city. If you read this post – Last Song – then you understand their importance.

Ann Ledbetter Green


My grandmother was an exceptional woman and played a significant role in my life. She died in March 2013 at the age of 93. On her 90th birthday I recorded an interview with her on and old DV camera. I was finally able to digitize the content and piece it together. Her strength of character, humor and heart shine through.

Piedmont Park

Boarding School


Paid a long overdue visit to my old alma mater. The trip was a little bittersweet, for it was to see my old mountaineering teacher off to his new position as headmaster of the College School in St. Louis. Nevertheless, it gave me a chance to see some old teachers and heft the Mountaineering Award for the first time in 21 years.

Jekyll Island, Georgia


Biking_Jekyll_island Snake_Jekyll_Island


A highly recommend exploring Jekyll Island by bike. The island’s stewards have really put a lot of thought into the trails’ construction. In fact, there are even boardwalks that you can bike on that take you over the march and creeks. There is much history and wildlife to explore, and a cool dip in the Atlantic Ocean is never far away.

Cumberland Island


Cumberland Island’s inhabitants are as varied as the landscape.  Starting with the Timucua Indians, it has passed hands through Spanish, British and most notably, the Carnegie family. The ruins you see here are of one of the Carnegie mansions that burned. There was also a large recreation center complete with sauna and pool. One can only imagine the life they led in the 1880s till the 1950s. Now a National Seashore, this beautiful island is only accessible by boat.


And of course if you are going to have a mansion, well, you better have a grand oak entrance.

Blue Ridge, Georgia


Blue_Ridge river_2

The rustic charm and beauty of Blue Ridge, Georgia somewhat conceals the  influence of Atlanta. Just a short trip up the road from the big city, you will find beautiful waterfalls and idyllic farm settings tucked into the rolling mountains. Look a little further and you will see those luxury properties that people dream of. It’s all there including a quaint little town with shops, galleries and nice restaurants.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens


Bluebird Red_Tail

No matter what time of year, there is always something to see at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Photography Lesson


I’ll be honest. I’ve been a point-and-shoot kind of guy for a long time. If I ever were to get a little bold and throw it in Manual, I’d inevitably be asking myself, wait, is it f4 or f22 that let’s the most light in? Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad – but close.

With the purchase of the Canon 7D, I decided it was time to venture beyond the automatic settings, and my cavalier approach, and possibly see beyond my one dimension. I came across Donne Ashlock’s photography lessons and decided to give it a go.

When I showed up for my lesson it was a cold and wintry day at Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta. Nevertheless, Donne surprised me by bringing along a model, and we immediately set to work.

We went through some basics, and then he showed me some deeper custom functions of the camera. Next he helped me think through how I framed the subject and the background, as well as adjusting to the light source. The experience was certainly eye opening.

I have a long way to go – and hope to schedule future classes with Donne Ashlock – but my baseline knowledge is slowly growing.