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Reno, Nevada: The Biggest Little City in the World

There has been some recent chatter in the local blogosphere regarding Reno and how much it kicks ass. For the most part I agree. The city has evolved tremendously over the past few years, and the renaissance that is going on in downtown Reno is fantastic.

I have a graduate degree from the University of Nevada, and I have lived and owned a home in Reno for three years now. I’m digging it. But if you took away Lake Tahoe? Hmmmm. That would make things a little tough. Of course, that is not the case, but it is certainly one of the reasons why entities like the RSCVA refer to the region as Reno-Tahoe. Its close proximity is a major asset to living here; and there are many more. Still, negative perceptions regarding Reno persist.

A friend of mine flew down to San Jose yesterday for business, and he headed into the hotel bar to wind down from a long day. He sat next to a rather large ad exec, and they struck up a conversation. The man asked, “Where are you from?” My friend replied, “Reno,” and the man immediately countered with, “I’m sorry to hear that.” Without hesitation my friend sarcastically replied, “Yeah, it sucks, you should definitely not go there.”

My friend’s response amuses me because it says so much with so little. I know so many people from Reno that would have immediately dove in to some long laundry list for why Reno is actually a great place to live. In part, they would have felt that it was their citizenry duty to stand up for the place they live, but the comment would have also triggered a certain amount of self-consciousness for which they would have felt compelled to defend.

My friend was not self conscious about the man’s comment, and he instead probably did more for the Reno brand than any long diatribe about its benefits. I have a suggestion for anyone here in Reno encountering this kind of negativity. Politely give the individual directions to the nearest I-80 onramp.

Bocce on the Beach

Summer in Lake Tahoe is here. While there is still snow in the upper elevations, around the rim of the lake the setting is almost tropical. The white sand and decomposed granite, coupled with varying terrain and interesting obstacles, make Lake Tahoe a great place for bocce.

If you have never played the game of bocce you are missing out. Whether it is grass, sand, dirt, forest floor, or a combination of each, you can have a lot of fun coming up with creative shots to play.

Some people prefer the structured course, but I find it much more fun when it is free form. What’s better? The game goes quite well with your favorite beer. You can only throw with one arm anyway, so you might as well give the other arm a strict regiment of 12 ounce curls to keep it in shape.


It has been almost ten years since I worked at Patagonia, but to this day I continue to take great interest in their business and environmental practices.

Recently, Patagonia’s Reno Service Center became the first private company in the nation to receive incentives for its recent Gold level Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

According to the press release, “the company received real property tax abatements from the Nevada Commission on Economic Development of 50 percent over the next 10 years for the expansion of its distribution center.”

It is pretty darn cool that this is happening right here in Reno, Nevada.

This video does a great job of illustrating the measures Patagonia has taken to diminish their environmental impact as much as possible. Thanks David for pointing me to it!

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Reno-Tahoe YPN Launch Party

Here is some video I put together of the Reno-Tahoe Young Professional Network (YPN) Launch Party, which was held at 210 North in downtown Reno, Nevada on Thursday, April 5th.

There were more than 500 people in attendance, and the event featured flame throwers, dancers, and a fashion show.

It was a lot of fun, and I met numerous new people that I hope to get to know better.

There is undoubtedly a fantastic renaissance going on in Reno.

The Reno-Tahoe Young Professional Network (YPN) at 210 North

Serving as the vice president of marketing for the Reno-Tahoe Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), working at Twelve Horses, and engaging in a pretty active social life, one would think that I would know most of the young working professionals in Reno.

But I don’t.

Tuesday night more than 100 of us  gathered at 210 North to kickoff the first meeting for the new Reno-Tahoe Young Professional Network. It was fun and I got to meet a lot of people that I had never met. 

I wrote about the purpose of the organization on the Twelve Horses Blog, but suffice to say there are some exciting plans and lots of positive energy.

I hope it goes far.

There is an upcoming kickoff party that will be held at 210 North on April 5th from 7-10:00pm. If you are a young professional and interested in getting involved with YPN then you should come.


Directions 2007

This is a picture of me and Dan Oster, a fellow University of Nevada-Reno MBA graduate, at the Directions 2007 event. This is the post I wrote for Twelve Horses, my employer about Directions.

Continue reading Directions 2007

Andy Warhol at the Nevada Museum of Art

I am back from Costa Rica (post to come), and I can tell you that it was quite nice to return from a foreign country and soak up some American pop culture.

The First Thursday events at the Nevada Museum of Art are always good fun. Through the collaborative efforts of Dave Chapman from KTHX, various vendors such as Great Basin Brewery, and of course the Museum, the first Thursday of each month is a great excuse to get off of work and appreciate some art, have a few drinks, and visit with friends in a beautiful setting.

Last night’s event was packed. Even though that might be perceived as a negative to some, I am glad to see additional revenue flowing into the Museum’s coffers.

The featured exhibit right now is Andy Warhol. While I am not  supposed to, I managed to dodge the guards and grab a few pics with my Cingular 3125 Smart Phone.

As well-known as Warhol is, it  is still nice to see his work in person and appreciate the use of color and texture in his various pieces and collections. Something as simple as a the image of a soup can or a recognizable figure has the power to invoke a myriad of emotions and associations.

I can recall one obnoxious young man, who was observing the Campbell Soup cans, sarcastically stating to his friends in a loud voice, “Hey guys, this is what I am going to do. I’m going to frame a bunch of soup cans and call it art.” He obviously didn’t get it. This particular work of Warhol’s represents the mass appeal of certain products, and how the use of color and illustration not only further create this appeal, but could very well be the driving force.

The Nevada Museum of Art is a great asset to the Reno community, and I encourage all of you to support it to the best of your abilities.

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210 North: Reno, Nevada

Finally got down to 210 North in downtown Reno to check out the new digs and see whether or not it is worth a damn. I was pleasantly surprised.

If you don’t want to wait in line, arrive around 10:30pm or so. I waltzed right in at that time, but observed over the course of several hours that the line got progressively longer and longer.

When you enter you are immediately asked to pay an entrance fee. On a standard evening, for men it is $15 for locals and $20 for out-of-state; for women it is $5 for locals and $10 for non. After paying, you  ride up to the 2nd floor on an escalator dressed with hanging metal chains. Sort of sets the mood.

At the top of the escalator you are greeted with an airy space surrounded by segmented but connected rooms representing separate bar areas and VIP rooms. The largest room contains a sizeable dance floor equipped with DJs.

The interior design of each room is distinct and thoughtful. They are outfitted with unique furnishings such as stylish furniture and cool lighting.

The other attribute of note is the general feel of the place. It is not pretentious. Hats are not allowed, but you don’t feel like you have to wear your best duds every time you go there. There were many different types of people and dress, and fortunately there were no real sketchy characters. The large bouncers probably help. 

All in all I think 210 North is a good addition to Reno, and I hope it survives. I hate going to clubs where it is so crowded and packed that you can’t get a drink, nor can you move around and hear what your friends are saying. You have the option of the dance floor where you can rock out, or you have the choice to retire to a quieter place to socialize and drink. Nice dichotomy.

I Won the Photo Contest

Sierra Adventure Guide

About the cover

In March of this year we solicited photos from RN&R readers in hopes of getting a few we could use in our Sierra Adventure Guide. As an incentive, we offered to publish the winners and give the Grand Prize Winner VIP passes to the Nevada Land Conservancy’s showing of the Banff Mountain Film Festival in early April. The main image you see on the cover was submitted by Reno’s Robert Payne, who shot this spectacular photo above Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe. Other cover photos are courtesy of the Nevada Commission on Tourism.

About this Guide

If you live in the Truckee Meadows/Lake Tahoe area, outdoor recreation and adventure are probably some of the reasons you choose to make this your home. If you’re a visitor, those may also be part of why you’re here. We’re blessed with an abundance of year-round adventure possibilities (hence the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitor’s Authority’s label, “America’s Adventure Place”). We couldn’t imagine covering everything our little region within the Sierra Nevada has to offer within these pages. But we hope to give you a glimpse of some exciting activities, along with resources so you can find out more. So go ahead and explore!

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