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Thievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation2

Thievery Corporation Last night I attended a fantastic show in Ybor City put on by Thievery Corporation. If you are not familiar with them, I highly recommend doing a little search on YouTube. Every single one of their albums is great in a different way, and the fact that I can listen to them while eating dinner with friends, working out, or writing is even more appealing to me.

Their music is very diverse and ranges from electronica to hip hop to a mix of pretty much everything else you can imagine. Before the show I wondered if it would be a bit mellow, but Thievery brought their A-game and energized the crowd all night long. Even better, I had Charleston realtor and brother extraordinaire, John Payne as my wingman.

In the past, our parents may have held up lighters in appreciation, but now it is clearly the mobile phone. Suck it down and pass it around….

Thievery Corporation1