My Mom: She’s a Cool Kat

My mom, Kat Hastie just recently returned from a 3 week trip to Africa where she explored more than a half-dozen national parks, as well as a side excursion to Zanzibar. She captured countless photographs, but I cherry picked just a few to show here.

I am most proud of her because she did it by herself. My stepfather was not particularly interested in going to Africa, but she did not let that stop her and went anyway. I know she is glad that she did.

She is racking up the miles. Recent trips also include, China, France, and Argentina. I wonder where she will go next? Maybe I can coerce her into coming to visit me in Reno with plans of shooting clays, attending the rodeo, and hiking around Lake Tahoe. That is exactly what we did the last time she was here, and she absolutely humiliated me on the trap shooting range. Any other guys out there who’s mother is a better shot than you?

While she certainly seems to have some photographic skills, her primary creative outlet is painting. You can check out some of her artwork if you are so inclined by visiting her website at

2 thoughts on “My Mom: She’s a Cool Kat”

  1. Thank you for sharing! Your mom’s photos are beautiful and so are her paintings. As far as going to Africa by herself, you go girl!!!

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