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Southern Charm

My most recent video production is the culmination of many other supporting video projects that have taken me across the state of Georgia, and behind-the-scenes of some incredible companies, over the past 5 years. In essence, I took a limited budget and made it in to a $250k production.

But I could not have done it without the great guys that make up the band, The Quiet Hounds. Their talent and genuine personalities carry the diverse scenes that are tightly edited to inform the next scene, and the next scene, and so on. I feel lucky to have been able to ink a sync agreement with them for this perfect song. I followed them to Athens, Georgia to record the live performance at the Georgia Theatre, and we spent a long night together at a recording studio in Midtown Atlanta. It has been a pleasure getting to know them.

How do you encapsulate an entire state in one video and do it well? That was indeed part of the challenge. I knew it could not be everything to everyone. Sure, there were sacrifices and difficult decisions along the way. But positive emotion is the great equalizer.

The video is now featured on Georgia.org and its affiliated social media properties – at all the Visitor Information Centers across the state – and baggage claim in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

I hope this experience provides you with a taste of the authenticity, beauty, diversity and “southern charm” that I have come to find in Georgia . I feel it. The band feels it. Georgians feel it. I hope you do as well.

Do me a favor. Pop the video full screen and turn up your speakers.

A special thanks to the Quiet Hounds for lending their creativity, time and music to this piece.

“Southern Charm” Lyrics

All the gardenia on the sideway dropping like they want you.
I’m a believer on the highway when they’re playing our tune
driving up slowly though the gravel nothing stopping Sunday
Summer love songing in my longing we can do this our way

Hot city you are mine

Storms on your shoulder and I call it Paradise
Everyone knows this thunder only means bright lights for us

Hot city you are mine
So pretty on my arm

Hot city you are mine
So pretty on my arm
Tell me that you’ll make this rainstorm ours
make it ours
dancing through the black night
Hot city you are mine
Oh say that you are mine
This is where my southern charm will lye

This city home, this home is you, you are my summer love song
how do you do it, how do you make it hum
My heart is warm, my blood is red, this sweat is all I have to make it up to you, make it up to you, love.

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Southern Charm


China Investment Video

I began this China investment video project 5 months ago with the initial scouting, strategy and budgeting. Fast forward to September and all the editing, translating, licensing and approvals are finally done. Trying to convey the business and lifestyle environment of a geographical location thousands of miles away from the target audience obviously needs careful consideration. My goal was to make it as credible and informative as possible while still keeping it brief.

These projects always require more effort than is evident on the surface, but it was a great experience and the chance to meet so many wonderful people that call Georgia home.

Print Ad Campaign

One of the print buys I manage on a regular basis is Delta Sky. While many of the print publications out there are hard to quantify in comparison to digital tracking and analytics, I do see the value in this buy due to its captivated audience and sheer reach to business travelers. Good old circulation!

Taking a look back at the past 9 months, you can see the approach in terms of using real images and names of companies as opposed to your general ad fluff. It takes more work on my part to source all of the materials and get company approval, but I think it is worth it.

This post has been updated to include more examples.

Check them out:

Real Success Video Platform

Real Success is my latest web development project, and it represents a culmination of more than 3 years of producing videos for the state of Georgia.

Using html 5 and YouTube’s api, this video hub has unique features that deliver a visually stunning experience with a focus on lead generation. I’ve always been a proponent of “real marketing” which to me means delivering your message through the voices of your customers. In other words, don’t listen to me, listen to them.

If the user pauses the video they are presented with the option to learn more information or view another video that is tagged to the same industry. Alternatively, they can close the video player and explore other industries. Other features include a share feature for social and email and a scrubbing tool, timecode and volume control.

Of course I think it’s cool, but check it out for yourself – Real Success.

Manufacturing Video

This manufacturing video is my latest creation. It is hard to believe that I started on the script in March, but it required a lot of moving parts to make it what it is. One thing is for sure, it took me to some pretty amazing places.

Hope you enjoy!

10 Tips for Winning An RFP

Having been on both the submission and judging side of marketing, advertising and public relations Request for Proposals – or RFPs – I have a little insight into winning the business.

A considerable amount of time, billable hours and money go into these submissions, and they are very competitive. It is imperative that you get it right.

But so many people get it wrong. I am consistently amazed when large, globally recognized, award-winning agencies fumble some basic fundamentals.

You want to win, right?


Here are a few tips:

  1. Never let a junior employee complete an RFP on your behalf. It does a disservice to your brand, and it is a complete waste of time.
  2. Before you begin the submission look very carefully at how the points are allocated. You will quickly ascertain what is most important.
  3. Read the question carefully and make sure your answer specifically addresses what is being asked. Put yourself in the position of the judge who is reviewing countless other submissions. Did you get all the points that you could, or did you give some up by being vague or not following directions?
  4. Be very specific. Do not answer a question with, we specialize in brand activation and storytelling. Instead, give me an example of how you elevated a client’s brand with a unique strategy that produced quantifiable results.
  5. Make it very easy for the judge to find your supporting materials.
  6. Be aware that your competitors are going to do whatever it takes to win. For example, don’t just mention doing a radio spot or video as one strategy. Actually put one together.
  7. Do your research and then show it.
  8. Bring a senior representative with you to the oral presentation.
  9. Stand up when you present.
  10. Leave the judges with your complete presentation.

And one bonus since we should always turn it up to 11. Be exceptionally strategic and creative. If you are not prepared to kick ass then pass.

“Dear Subaru” Advertising Campaign

Dear_Subaru Carmichael Lynch put together a very bold and clever advertising campaign for Subaru, and it features a photograph that I took of my very own Subaru Outback after I ran it headlong into a boulder going 60 mph. I walked away relatively unscathed, but the car wasn’t so lucky.

This Subaru was 1 of 5 that I have thus far owned in my lifetime. The reasons why I walked away from the accident  has much to do with my predilection. When I bought my first one it was for the All-Wheel-Drive and good gas mileage. I would later discover other positive attributes, along with the company’s attention to manufacturing efficiencies and the environment.

With the “Dear Subaru” campaign, Subaru is counting on there being more people like me who have a story to tell. It doesn’t have to be an accident like mine, but anything that demonstrates  your affinity for driving their vehicles and the places they take you.

Carmichael Lynch and Subaru are pursuing a multi-channel marketing strategy with targeted ad buys in various publications, signage in dealerships, digital media, and I suspect some outdoor as well. The “Dear Subaru” imagery and messaging is all tailored to encourage conversation about the Subaru brand. People share their stories on the Web, but is so often the case conversations extend from online to offline as well as the reciprocal. It is a clever strategy, and I look forward to seeing how the campaign performs.

Money Dear_Subaru_Web

If you see one of the ads featuring my photo and story please tear it out, take a photo, or forwarded it to me online. I would appreciate it!

Saltwater Fishing: A Father’s Day Fishing Tail

Charleston Marsh

I awoke to a dull but persistent sound of freight containers being offloaded at the Port of Charleston. “That’s the sound of money,” I had once heard someone say. I was tired from travel. Coming home was always a mix of excitement and exhaustion. Friends and family; a beautiful city by the sea so steeped in history. Long before me centuries of tides had moved life-sustaining nutrients, boats, people, and commerce through meandering fingers reaching deep in to the heart of permeable shores.

But it was 6:00am and time to rise for a fishing trip with my father. Having spent so many years living great distances from him, I was looking forward to spending some slow time exploring narrow creeks and marshes in pursuit of redfish and trout. In the days proceeding, bending rods and screeching reels filled my imagination and intensified the anticipation. I hoped my suppositions would become reality.

I was a little dismayed the day before when I came in to town and witnessed the impending storm clouds on the horizon. When it began to rain in buckets, I thought the trip would be canceled for sure. A somber call to Dad allayed my fears somewhat. He’d been studying the weather and felt confident we should give it a go. I hung up the phone and noted the rain gear in my suitcase.


Despite my doubts, dawn rose fresh and brilliant. I looked across the harbor to see Charleston filling with the flow of men and women making their way to work. I felt fortunate to have grown up fishing these waters. Before I could even walk I bounced around in a basket at the bow of my father’s John Boat. In those days my mother would have been younger than my wife is now.

Exploring the fringes of one of America’s oldest and most beautiful cities was always an adventure for a young child. The biology of bringing up a seine on a mud bank, catching a shark, getting caught on a barrier island in a fierce thunderstorm, or heading shrimp till my fingers bled. These are just a few of my memories.

We arrived at our first fishing spot. The marsh grass gleamed green against the backdrop of palm, live oak, and pine, and somewhere in the brush a warbler welcomed the day. I spoke of friends, money, and new developments that are further protruding and forever changing the landscape. We could see countless new homes from the boat where, before, we could have never conceived of their existence. Now I think we feel hypocritical for simultaneously wanting environmental protection and economic improvements. But we know the solutions must be there. They have to be. Who doesn’t want their children to experience the same natural beauty that we shared with our parents?

The entire time I spoke, my father simply listened. At first I wondered why he didn’t readily join in. But then it occurred to me that he always listens to me, providing feedback when necessary; guidance when required. While the amount of talk is not the measure of quality time spent together, I hope he knows I am there to listen to him as well.


I watched my father make a cast close to the bank, and in an instant his line went taut. There were no jerky movements, foolish displays, or wasted effort. Instead, his actions were smooth and practiced. Dad pulled in a beautiful bass; and then promptly released it. The day was far from over, so we made our way to several other spots. We caught some, lost some, and all the while soaked up the landscape that has helped to shape the lives of each of us.


On the way back in we followed the “Winds of Fortune,” a shrimp boat returning with its days catch. At one time my grandfather operated two shrimp boats, the Carol El and Princess Anne, the latter of which sank out at the jetties with him on it. It was a different time back then. Much of the area was forest and farmland. Then a bridge was built.

I tried to picture what home was like in those days. What it was like for my grandfather to fish with his father. I wondered what it would be like to fish with my son.