Powered by H2O

Spring in Lake is one of my favorite seasons. Snow still blankets the mountains of the Sierras, and the lower elevation rivers rise as the days grow longer and warmer. It is this time of year that I find myself having to make the difficult decision of vs kayaking.

As I prepare for an upcoming road trip, I can tell you that the gear I am planning on taking is getting a bit overwhelming. Just thinking about trying to fit it all into a little biodiesel powered VW TDI has me wondering if I need a semi-truck.

No matter what the weather dictates, I inevitably find myself catching up on community sites like boof.com and americanwhitewater.org, as well as looking through old kayaking to remind myself that I still know how to boat. Here is a little slideshow  of some kayaking” I have accumulated from years past. Can you tell which ones I took with an old 35mm camera and slide and then scanned?

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