Park City, Utah

Canyons_UtahHere in Park City, Utah on Day 2 of a little mini ski vacation. Today, we went to Canyons after receiving 10 inches of snow overnight. Good fun and definitely feeling every minute of it. Here’s a picture of my friend William working out every ounce of 9-5 angst he’s stored up since we were here last year. All work and no play is, well, reeeeediculous. Deer Valley and Park City proper on the list, but now it is time to head down to Main Street.

Read the complete account of the trip here.

4 thoughts on “Park City, Utah”

  1. Glad ya’ll got 10″ of goodness. What a week it was as the GODS dropped 72″ in Tahoe.

    Is he sponsored by North Face? Sickter

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