The Space Coast

The fact that Cocoa is a mere 2 hour drive from Tampa, can be a life saver for me. I get a little grumpy with all the flatness as far as the eye can see, so it sooths me when I spy a little natural variation on the horizon line. This generally comes in the form of waves. If the GC (Gulf Coast) isn’t kicking it up a notch with a strong windswell or a hurricane, my best bet is to Go East, Son!


My usual stomping ground is Sebastian Inlet, and this past weekend did not disappoint. Great waves on Saturday eased the beast within so much that I put my strategic mind to work and scheduled a lesson for my little Shred Betty in Cocoa on Sunday.


I up the guys at Cocoa Beach Surf Camp, and they lined us up with a skilled instructor named Wes. The waves on Sunday had dropped in size and were perfect for a lesson. Wes started her out with the fundamentals, and before long she was tearing it up. You can see the Cape Canaveral Kennedy Center launch pads in the background just above Shred Betty.


I’ve been since I was 12 years of age, so I hope it becomes a hobby of hers that we can share for a lifetime to come. Meanwhile, I watched the little man and took pictures on the Cocoa Pier. Apparently Hawaiians invaded at some point?

The Mask of Cocoa Beach

It’s not even April yet, so here is hoping for more waves to come. Then it is the summer doldrums. Dare I say hurricanes? Bring it!

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