Thank You & Grocery Store Gestapo

An interesting way of showing appreciation for environmental protection.


Conversation in the grocery store checkout line:

Oh, I’m good on the plastic bag.

“Oh sir, I just put it in there to keep it from spilling on the other items.”

It’s fine, that’s why I have plenty of extra cloth bags. Just put it one of the extras.

“Sir, we are required to put all meat and fish in a separate bag.”

Does it have to be plastic?

“That is my understanding, sir.”

No worries, I won’t tell anyone. I really don’t want that plastic bag.

“Sir, there are certain bacteria and things that can infect other foods. I should really put it in a secure plastic bag.”

You know, I’m just going to take it out at home and put in a refrigerator with a bunch of other things.

“Yes, but that is outside of our control.”

Your control? This is my food which I have now paid for and can choose to do what I want with it. I specifically bring cloth bags to the grocery store to avoid using plastic bags I don’t need. Please put my items in the cloth bags provided.

“Sir, there is no reason to overreact.”

Note: I am not against the use of plastic. Obviously, I depend on it every day for a variety of reasons. What I am against is the notion that uses and practices are absolute. Don’t use when you don’t have to, or when there is a more efficient alternative. Generally, a little effort to conserve isn’t really that much effort, and a little can go a long way. And finally, people need to get over this bizarre idea that those who seek to conserve are somehow hippies or anti-establishment. Stop getting bothered by conservation because you somehow feel that it is a direct threat to your rights as a human being to use whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want. And finally, if you feel that your actions have no influence on the course of this planet or the environment then, well, that is just sad.

3 thoughts on “Thank You & Grocery Store Gestapo”

  1. It always says Thank You on garbage cans. Ever wonder what foreigners think when they see that? Thank You means garbage? In France and Morocco it says Merci. I assume that means garbage too…


  2. Well said Brother! I especially like when they try to put a plastic bag around meat and then a second bag to protect it from the other bags or products. It’s just another indicator of the age of companies protecting themselves against frivolous lawsuits. Pitiful.

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