American Whitewater

South Fork of the Yuba American + Whitewater: What is there not to love?

I am proud to say that I have been a member of American Whitewater (AW) for almost 15 years. Even when I was in college, waiting tables and taking student loans, I found a way to mail my membership check. I don’t share this to convey that I am special. In fact, I am ashamed to say that I haven’t done more for AW.

Money and time are two things we all wish we had more of, right? But how often do you spend the two just trying to get closer to a wild, free flowing river? The point is you can afford to be a member. You can afford to support the only organization working exclusively to conserve and restore whitewater rivers. The world certainly isn’t making any more of them.

AW leverages your modest membership dues in combination with the collective sum to:

  • Protect Rivers
  • Restore Flows
  • Improve Public Access
  • Increase Safety Awareness
  • And Celebrate Life on Moving Water

Just look at what they have accomplished in California.

American Whitewater

Of course, I love AW’s choice of photos for California! It was actually quite a surprise when I picked up the mail today and looked through their 2009 Summer Appeal.

Meanwhile, AW has made many more strides in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Rockies Pacific Northwest, and the Midwest. None of these efforts are ever easy and often mired in bureaucracy, lobbying, and special interests, yet they keep going, deriving renewed motivation from sometimes small but significant steps forward for the benefit of us all.

So, please don’t let the river gods trounce you in giant nasty hole. Join Now! 

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