It’s Getting Hot in Here…


It has been soooo HOT here in Tampa lately! The humidity and heat is a stifling stew that makes me want to run rampant, pillage, plunder, wreak havoc; but then that would make me sweat. Instead, I suckle my air conditioning vent like a lover and throw ice cubes at the fan.

Despite being situated between Satan’s arse cheeks, there are some not so subtle benefits of a nuclear summer – thunderstorms! The big banger variety that build in the afternoons and roll across the Bay with impressive energy.

I tried to take some photos of one the other evening out at Ballast Point State Park, but I didn’t adjust the ISO for dark light, rain beat against the lens, and my tripod swayed in the wind like the cheap POS from Ritz Camera that it is. Oh well, one of them actually came out alright even if I am too far away. The varying spectrums of light between the three bolts of lightning is what I like.

Hope you’re staying  cool.

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