Fathers, Get Off Your Fat Butt and Go Biking

Biking_with_Babies Having a child will change any new father’s lifestyle. It can be very difficult transition to make, and there will be times when you find yourself frustrated that you can’t just drop everything and head out the door. Many men find they have little time, less energy, and worst of all, more weight gain as a result of no real and consistent activity. However, there is a great solution I have found that compliments any exercise regimen that you do have. Also, it is a great way to spend time outside with your child; and wife as the image features.

The answer is buy a bike. Not just any bike, but one that you can sit back on and be comfortable. Get a cruiser with a fat seat, articulated handlebars, interchangeable gears, and shocks to minimize impacts. Once you’ve found comfort and the right features, slap a nice big basket on the front and a child seat on the back. Trust me, you’ll look cooler than you think, especially when you fly by some poor sap pushing a stroller.

Parents often elect to get the trailers instead of the seat due to safety reasons. I understand these reasons, so I do my best to be as careful as possible. What I like about the detachable seat is that it brings my child up closer to me. He sees more or less what I see, and we can interact with one another. The compactness of the setup also makes for easier storage and carry. There are several different child seats to choose from, but both Rhode Gear and Bell make decent ones. I happened to get the bike and the seat from Sports Authority.

Incidentally, Sports Authority has a nice selection of life jackets as well. :~)


Buying this bike has changed my life significantly. Not only do I now take and pickup my child from daycare whenever possible, but I have also discovered new areas in the place I live. It has freed me from some of the sedentary constraints of fatherhood, and given me and my son a way of discovering the world around us together. I’ve heard some parents complain their children are afraid of speed. My son now enjoys it. And a nice little bonus is that I have lost much of the weight I gained after he was born.

So fathers, get off your fat butt and go biking with your child.  

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  1. It’s a mixed blessing when they are old enough to ride their own bikes. It’s fun and exciting for both them and myself, however, they ride slow and can’t keep up. I can’t wait until the training wheels are gone!

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