Tahoe Powder Days

Yes, I’ve been dreaming of them. So when I received Wend’s Friday Photo newsletter focused on powder, I figured I should submit one of my own photographs in the contest. It is really quite easy, and a great use of Flickr to encourage reader participation and build brand awareness. Plus, you have a chance at winning some great outdoor gear! I scored this time around, now I just need to make my dreams a reality.


This week’s Friday Photo winner is Robert Payne for this shot he snapped while riding a chair lift in Lake Tahoe, California.

Here’s what Robert had to say about the event:

For me, this shot is emblematic of those powder days when you stand cold in the lift line, anticipation building with each reverberation from the bombs blasting in the early morning light. Finally, the line surges forward as you push for the first chair, and you can think of nothing but the straightest line back down the hill. On this particular day I did not count on one surprising obstacle. I couldn’t breath through the fine light snow that leaped into my face and was forced to stop, only for a moment, to keep from drowning in what was otherwise perfect bliss.

Congratulations Robert, you win a Camelbak hydration pack stuffed with two boxes of Clif Bars, a Katadyn Hiker PRO Water Microfilter, a ChicoBag and a package of Grabber hand warmers.

Every month we have a new Friday Photo theme. January’s theme will be ‘Ice’.

Want your own chance at winning? Submit your best ‘Ice‘ shots to our Flickr pool and then send an email with a few lines describing them to fphoto@wendmag.com. We get a lot of submissions so please write the title of your photo in the subject line and include where it was taken in the body of your email.

2 thoughts on “Tahoe Powder Days”

  1. This morning’s phone call reminded me of your blog (i wasn’t eavesdropping :P)….so came by to check it out……

    likely POW tomorrow and Thursday….you should come back, visit and ski :)!!!

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