Florida Mountain Biking


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While the rest of the country bundles up and digs out, folks here in Florida have to make tough decisions in January like, should I ride a surfboard, bike, both? Went out to Balm Boyette today for a bike ride with a buddy and brought the camera, which is something I have been rather slack about doing lately. Tons of fun rides to do including The Ridgeline Trail.

As the Swamp Club accurately describes,

The Ridgeline Trail, completed in December of 2008, is unlike any trail in our system. The climbs are challenging, but within one’s reach. The descents are definitely steep enough to cause a moment of hesitation, but the smooth run-out at the bottom puts each drop within your grasp. The trail is wide, with few turns; all designed to allow the rider to build and maintain speed. This trail is all about going downhill really fast…

Fun stuff!

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