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I’ll Have Another…or Not?

The one thing the Tampa Bay area is in no short supply of is good music.

Friday night I took in a little bluegrass at Jannus Landing in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida. Lots of crunchies and self-indulgent ragers running around, but Yonder Mountain String Band laid it down and it was well worth going.

On my way to the bar I took a special interest in this sign and decided to snap a photo. I made a few more trips to the bar, and then some time later found myself in front of Photoshop.

In the animal kingdom certain colors say poison, others say sex. We humans are creatures of color with response dictated by a combination of nature and nurture.

What is interesting to me is that each image has it own decidedly different feel. The composite might be an onslaught for some, but either way the combination of message and hue draws the eye.

What do you see after a few of the old Makers Mark?