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Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon_Island Just north of Caladesi Island is Honeymoon Island, and unlike the former it is completely accessible by car. Of course, this will naturally produce more people per acre of sand, but as the situation so often goes, if you are prepared to walk a little bit chances are high that you will find plenty of room to spread out.

Honeymoon Island offers some of the most contiguous undeveloped white sand beach located near the epicenter of Tampa Bay. As I strolled north I was able to count off the miles using the markers along the sand dunes – 1, 2, 3, where did everybody go? My advice: ditch the cooler and various accoutrements and just take a pack filled with the things you’ll really need for unobstructed, unmolested chilling on a wide open beautiful beach. Alternatively, you could take a kayak.

There is also a nice open trail that loops around the interior of the island. Right now there is a pair of nesting bald eagles at the north end of the island and more ospreys than you’ve probably ever seen in one place. Just keep an eye out for Diamond Backs and Poison Ivy.

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