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Voracious Vegas

Back from a weekend in Vegas, and needless to say I am feeling a little rough around the edges. The primary motivation for the trip was to catch The Police at the MGM Grand. They ripped it up, and I just hope that I am still kicking that much ass when I am their age.

Also hit Pure, Rain, the Ghost Bar and various other locales that serve up beats with bountiful amounts of alcohol. Stayed at the Flamingo because of the central location, pool size, and affordability. The place is getting a little old, but it did the trick.

Vegas is still experiencing mad construction. I am amazed at the sheer velocity of growth. I think the population is around 1.9 million, and flying in to the airport, looking down at the development, I would believe it. How is this growth sustainable? I don’t know, for the Stakes are High for Las Vegas Water. 


Vegas has great entertainment, shopping, and restaurants, but I prefer Reno’s sense of community, size, and open space. The other huge differentiator – Reno’s got water. I hope the Biggest Little City will continue to make those attributes a priority. The other positive aspects of Vegas we can continue to integrate. Until then, it is just a short flight away.