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Oceanfront Getaway at Sebastian Preserve


If you turn south from Cocoa Beach and wind down A1A you will notice the tropical blue waters of Florida turn a shade more brilliant just before the entrance to Seashell Suites. This little eco-retreat is nestled in the maritime forest that clings to a narrow strip of land defying the periodic pummeling of Atlantic hurricanes.

I like it down here. The beach is natural and beautiful. The only litter on the sand is that of newly hatched turtle shells. Fishermen catch pompano and permit while surfers ride waves through streams of bait fish. Nothing but the sound of waves and wind.

There is something very much removed about Seashell Suites. Maybe it is the good surf, sauna, or comfy beds, but I always feel something loosen within me. While there are many different hotel accommodations dotting the coastline from Cocoa to Vero Beach, I never achieve the same level of relaxation that this oceanfront resort provides.

Seashell Suites also has new managers. Don and Joanna have instituted some welcome changes. Apart from the usual onsite amenities, they have added subtle but important touches like good coffee and continental breakfast. They are also good company. Through many years of experience they know how to strike that important balance between giving you enough space while also making sure your needs are met.


In the morning when the tide is right, I quietly crawl out of bed, careful not to wake my wife. I walk towards the ocean deck past the cupola where last night a Great Horned Owl landed above me. Down the beach I see beautiful blue waves cresting on the outer reef. The wind is offshore and no one is out.