Keystone Canyon

Because the ski season for Lake Tahoe is off to a very slow start, I am still mountain biking pretty regularly. Keystone Canyon offers a number of different trails to ride upon, one of which being Evans Trail.

Simply ride up from the trailhead off of McCarran Blvd and veer right when the trail crests at the looming mechanical towers. 

All along the trail one is afforded nice views of Reno, and there is actually some decent technical riding to be found.

You descend down into a slot canyon, head left at the bottom, and eventually you switchback your way back to the top. From there you blast your way back down Keystone Canyon to the car.

Not a bad little ride considering its close proximity to the city.

2 thoughts on “Keystone Canyon”

  1. I hope not. Keystone Canyon is a valuable asset to Reno as a recreational area. There are houses and condos on the periphery; in fact, many of the new condos look vacant. With the downturn in the real estate market, it appear there is some extra inventory. I hope that curtails any extra encroachment. Leave Keystone Canyon alone!

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