Andy Warhol at the Nevada Museum of Art

I am back from Costa Rica (post to come), and I can tell you that it was quite nice to return from a foreign country and soak up some American pop culture.

The First Thursday events at the Nevada Museum of Art are always good fun. Through the collaborative efforts of Dave Chapman from KTHX, various vendors such as Great Basin Brewery, and of course the Museum, the first Thursday of each month is a great excuse to get off of work and appreciate some art, have a few drinks, and visit with friends in a beautiful setting.

Last night’s event was packed. Even though that might be perceived as a negative to some, I am glad to see additional revenue flowing into the Museum’s coffers.

The featured exhibit right now is Andy Warhol. While I am not  supposed to, I managed to dodge the guards and grab a few pics with my Cingular 3125 Smart Phone.

As well-known as Warhol is, it  is still nice to see his work in person and appreciate the use of color and texture in his various pieces and collections. Something as simple as a the image of a soup can or a recognizable figure has the power to invoke a myriad of emotions and associations.

I can recall one obnoxious young man, who was observing the Campbell Soup cans, sarcastically stating to his friends in a loud voice, “Hey guys, this is what I am going to do. I’m going to frame a bunch of soup cans and call it art.” He obviously didn’t get it. This particular work of Warhol’s represents the mass appeal of certain products, and how the use of color and illustration not only further create this appeal, but could very well be the driving force.

The Nevada Museum of Art is a great asset to the Reno community, and I encourage all of you to support it to the best of your abilities.

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