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Schmap recently contacted me through Flickr asking if I would be willing to contribute one of my photos – a picture I took a while back of three kayakers coming into Incline right before sunset. I agreed. Today, they emailed again to inform me that it was live, and when I went to look at it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have also taken advantage of widgets. Very cool!

Widgets are ubiquitous now, and serve as a great vehicle for viral marketing. Another way of looking at widgets – advertisements that are actually useful tools for the consumer.

To find the photo they picked from my Flickr account, just locate Incline Village, NV, click “Photos” on the widget, and scroll through.

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  1. I’m in several editions. One shot of the Sands and another of AT&T Park in SF. They’re very good about utilizing amateurs, which keeps me looking at their stuff.

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