South Fork of the American

This is some footage from this past summer that I had sitting around, and being the type of person that does not like to waste anything, I decided to slap together a quick video. The main point to it is – the video is of a friend of mine, Brad Brewer, who I met in college at Clemson University, and subsequently taught me how to creek boat years ago.

Around 1995, there were not nearly as many whitewater kayakers as there are now, and there were even fewer people running steep creeks and big waterfalls. Brad was one of the few. He also knows a thing or two about playboating…

One thought on “South Fork of the American”

  1. Great video – thanks for sharing. Seems we have many shared loves including hiking, mountain biking, living…! I’ll be back. Oh and your photo of the Monastery in Arequipa is stunning – one of my favourite spots in the world.

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