There has been some lapse since I picked up the proverbial pen, and the reason is undeniably warranted. I recently experienced one of life’s innate and most special gifts, the birth of my son.

Houston Leiding Payne was born on August 28, 2008, and my life is forever changed.


The date on which he was born has some significance. Not as some unique identifier of who he shall become, but of context as it relates to history and the current state of our country and the world. It is the date of Martin Luther King’s historic speech, and Obama’s acceptance of the Democratic nomination for president of the United States.

I have never voted for party but always for country. I vote for intellectual promise, not a firm resolve. Each time I’ve filled out a ballot I was keenly aware of inherent problems with both sides of the fence.

Come soon we must again choose with the best of our conviction and consideration of the facts as we know them to be true, understanding that the rest is simply rhetoric.

Do not just listen to the politicians, pundits, media, friends, or even family. Do some research before you vote.

I want change.

I want the best for my son.

6 thoughts on “Innocence”

  1. Don’t we all.

    Congratulations again, Robert, and thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s a changing world, and a new dynamic that we are bringing these small human beings into. A task that challenges us most immediately.

  2. Congratulations, and you are right,your life has forever changed. Here is to change and a new life to both you and your wife.

    I do think of the challenges our little ones have for their future and their children when they grow up. May that make them wonderful thinking individuals.

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