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wordcamp_utah WordCamp is going down this weekend in Salt Lake City, and a few of the 12H crew will be in attendance. In fact, we are pleased to be a sponsor. If you plan on attending reach out and say, what’s up! We’ll be the folks wielding cameras and causing trouble for our next episode of Horse Power. That will be forthcoming, so stay tuned!

Our president, Steve Spencer said it well on Utah Tech Spotlight. WordPress is an incredible story of a business that is more than a business. It is an idea that evolved into a community of users and contributors that has empowered millions of people to communicate and express themselves more effectively and efficiently. It has certainly changed my life, and many of those around me.

So Blog On! And come on down if you are around on Saturday.

When? Saturday 27 September 2008

Where? Novell (1800 Novell Place) Open Source Technology Center in Provo, Utah — Map

Why? Bring together people interested in WordPress, blogging (and the web in general) to talk about what’s possible, where’s it going

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