A Good Man is Gone

Chase_Ambler Life is full of regrets, and the passing of one particularly remarkable individual reminds me that time is best served trying to minimize the amount of them.

I suspect Chase Ambler of the Asheville School had very few regrets, for he was motivated beyond measure to make the most out of life and was a solid soul to the core.

My regret is that I never took the opportunity to let him know how grateful I am for recognizing the good in me, and giving me not only a second but a third chance to prove it. He was a tough man with a stoic expression, but I will never forget the bear hug and big smile he gave me after graduation.

For Mr. A life was more than a poor player…signifying nothing, it was a chance to make a difference. And even though I am just a fraction of the man that he was I will continue to do my best to meet him halfway.

You can read more about Chase Ambler here on the Asheville School’s web site.

3 thoughts on “A Good Man is Gone”

  1. Amen to your comments about Chase. A wonderful, remarkable man. He certainly left his mark on me, and I will miss him much. He reminded me of my father — and of myself — in many ways.
    John F. Logan (AS ’77)

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