BrandEvolution Comes to The Depot November 13th

We are stoked to present to you a conference that, well, is thankfully not a conference. Produced by QuarterHorse, BrandEvolution is our Fall 2008 symposium, and it is coming to The Depot on November 13th.

Set in a collaborative environment and designed to get at the heart of questions such as:

How do businesses effectively translate and transform their brands to connect with their customers both online and offline?

How do businesses stay ahead of relentless consumer expectations, and form emotional connections between customers and products.

To answer these questions and more, Stanley Hainsworth, world renowned global creative director for Starbucks, Lego and Nike is joined on stage at The Depot November 13th with fellow digital storyteller and business improvisation visionary Mike Bonifer, and  David LaPlante, entrepreneur, web strategist, and CEO of Twelve Horses.

In 1994, Disney became the first entertainment company to boldly drive its customers to a narrative brand Web experience by launching the Toy Story movie web site under the creative strategy of Mike Bonifer, a move that forever changed branding.

In 1995, David LaPlante launched Lake Tahoe’s first ever ski resort website – Today, Heavenly Mountain Resort ranks number one in skier visits, commands an impressive presence on the web, and delivers its message via video, podcasting, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, email, and more.

In 2004, Stanley Hainsworth left Lego and took the helm of Starbucks as VP-global creative and set in motion transformational creative and design strategies that created the ubiquitous brand of our coffee-shop connected generation today. As stated by, “Stanley Hainsworth put his stamp on nearly every piece of creative at Starbucks; he devised the “brand book” that defines the Lego image; and he helped push Nike into entertainment.”

In addition to gleaning real world branding experience, you will also benefit from a collaborative workshop that takes participants beyond the scripted and linear models of strategy, and challenges them to engage in an improvised branding discussion. The exercise is designed to develop greater emotional intelligence, and push the boundaries of defining a brand.

Come be a part of it!

For more information or to register for Brand Evolution visit

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