WordPress 2.7 is Now Available

That’s right folks! Last week the Twelve Horses crew received this following internal email from IT:

Automatic will be releasing WordPress 2.7 in the next few days. This will be a very significant upgrade for quite a few reasons. One of which makes me very very excited. Automatic Upgrades! Not only is it an important security upgrade, but it also has the potential of making future upgrades painless and far less time consuming for both Twelve Horses and our clients. The first thing everyone will notice is that the Administration area has received a major overhaul. The navigation menu appears to have taken on a more classic CMS design, and is now on the left side with collapsible menus. The Dashboard is now customizable with drag and drop widgets including a simple WYSIWYG quick post widget. Plugins now have a “Search and Install” feature built in, so you don’t need SFTP access to install your FlickrRSS and wptwitter plugins. Like I said, there is also the new Automatic Upgrade tool. A feature I cannot wait to test and use in the future!

One personal reason why I posted most of the email verbatim is because I find it quite amusing. IT get excited about something?!? Ha! Shows you how much we all love WordPress.

Props to the WordPress crew for this excellent video detailing its launch. It is soooo Matt Mullenweg with the jazz theme.

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