Event Marketing and the Brand Rub


One fundamental aspect of is that competition is fierce, and you must continually find new and distinct ways of resonating with prospects and customers. Of course, there are many different digital and traditional communication channels, and they all have their value. But there is nothing better for building relationships than actually getting people physically together.

You can use events to align your brand with other individuals and locations, build awareness and generate a variety of different whether email marketing, social media, video, ads, press releases, and surveys; or preferably all of them. I’ve done events around art, education, coding and designing, branding, publishing, skiing, motorcycle and car racing, and even gambling.

My most recent event was organized around the new Dali Museum in as part of the Multimedia Executives Conference. The museum is listed as “one of the top buildings you have to see before you die” in AOL News, and it is the only structure of its kind in North America.

Dali was a transformative artist and a master of many different types. Along with the architecture of the new museum, this provided a nice metaphor for the state of and media: transform and resonate in multiple channels.

It was a fun event and more than 400 people attended. But more importantly, it gave me the opportunity to reach out to a targeted audience. It’s not rocket science, just hard work, but generally worth the effort. If events are not a part of your strategy, now is the time to consider it.


More pictures here.

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