The Revolution and Brand Evolution of Newspapers


There is some discrepancy as to when the first newspaper was ever published in America, but suffice to say by the early 1700s ink met paper and they formed a lucrative and informative bond.

Over the course of the past 300+ years many of our largest newspapers have evolved in to multifaceted media organizations publishing content in multiple channels. They require sophisticated technology for handling workflow across editorial and advertising departments with a bridge between print and digital publishing.

Media companies must also possess the mechanisms for understanding their audience. A host of demographic and psychographic criteria along with features and functionality for capturing, integrating and reporting on data help define and automate these relationships within the community.

This customer data is extremely valuable for publishers and advertisers alike, but it is increasingly being eroded by competitors. In fact, many newspapers allow companies like Groupon to occupy advertising space on their websites where they effectively net data with one simple click. Groupon is smart. Newspapers? Not so much. They need to protect their valuable asset, which is their customer data.

Newspapers are working hard to create new products and partnerships, and they are certainly embracing new channels like tablets and mobile devices. Really, the term “newspaper” is in many cases not an accurate description of the various facets of these media houses.

Media companies, whether print or online, have in many cases built their brands over the course of hundreds of years. They are important conduits for community information, and by and large are trusted sources. But sometimes they make decisions that erode the brand. The above image is proof in point.

News in this case does not even appear to be the selling point. Ouch.

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