Interior Design

Recently, my company moved office spaces to accommodate the growth we are experiencing. I’ve had the pleasure of working on improving the interior design of the new space from a somewhat stale corporate environment to one that is more inspiring. I’m still not done but progress has been made.

Here are a few shots from my mobile:


For the lobby, there was the chance to combine steel and vinyl to extend the design across several glass windows. I found an architectural sign company in Miami, Florida that was able to bring the design to reality. It is way more powerful in person.

For some of the larger walls it was important to find a solution that was both cost-effective and creative. Hiring a painter was a consideration, but in the end I went with this murals company.


This is a 20 x 8ft wall making up a total of 5 individual panels made of vinyl with a sticky back. It took 3 people approximately 2+ hours to hang it. I ordered them slightly larger to compensate for uneven ceiling heights, etc and then trimmed it to fit.


This is a 12 x 8ft space where I chose an image that harks back to the early days of publishing. There is another one in orange next to this room. My mobile doesn’t do the image justice, but it really adds depth and interest to the space as you consider how far news and media production have come. I found the images on the Library of Congress website where they were free for usage. Obviously a touch of Photoshopping was added.


This panel resides in the conference room on the other side of the lobby above and is 8 x 6ft. The hexagon treatment connects with the same vinyl exterior on the windows facing the other side. Reference to the past and focus on the future is encapsulated in the “Media Evolution” statement, which I am weaving into other aspects of my marketing initiatives in 2012.

Now to roll this same approach across both our Maryland and Denmark offices. Whew!

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