Small Business Video Awards

Small Business Animation Video from Robert Payne on Vimeo.

My approach to has generally been – don’t listen to us, listen to them. And I still believe in that strategy. There is much power in hearing (and seeing) a credible and experienced individual explain how they were positively impacted by a solution of some kind. This type of visual can of course be supported by animation and infographics if needed.

However, in the case of this small business I felt that a different approach was needed. Why? Because there are more than 700,000 incorporated businesses in and 99% of those are considered to be “small businesses.” It could be an company that makes drones for NASA or a microbrewery. The sheer breadth of sectors is staggering.

A pure animation approach with a narrator works in this case because it allows the viewer to get drawn in by the story and whimsy while still conveying some very specific information. What types of businesses they actually run becomes less important.

Others must agree because it recently received a few accolades.

  • 2014 MarCom Awards: in the Government Subcategory of Film &
  • 2015 AVA Awards – for the Web/Government (Gold)
  • 2014 Summit Emerging Awards: Leader Award (Bronze)

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