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Georgia named No. 1 state in U.S. for business

Today was an exciting day at the Georgia State Capitol where we announced that Georgia has been named No. 1 state in U.S. for business by Site Selection magazine. Governor Deal along with senior executives from Home Depot, UPS and Gulfstream were there to kick it off and lay out the reasons why the state is well positioned. Commonalities across speakers were workforce, logistics and infrastructure. Read the article here.


Video Awards

I’ve produced and directed a number of videos in the past year. It is always rewarding when hard work pays off in the form of a satisfied company and/or client. It is even more satisfying when there is an award attached to the project.

Silver Telly

Global Trade Video: Silver Telly (2013) from Robert Payne on Vimeo.

silver_tellyThis video required 3 separate shoots, scripting and infographic animation. The end result is a compelling story about diversifying risk and increasing profits through international trade. It is told from the perspective of the business owners. Blue Marble media shot and edited the piece.

Gold Hermes

Economic Development Video: Gold Hermes (2013) from Robert Payne on Vimeo.

Gold_HermesThis video is a culmination of interviews I conducted over the course of almost a year with many different brands in various industry sectors. It has been condensed down into a 2+ minute piece to convey Georgia’s economic development landscape. Blue Marble media shot and edited the piece.

I hope you enjoy watching them!

ROI with a twist


For an upcoming Delta Sky issue I wanted to take a different approach to your typical B-to-B ad. For most metro Atlanta professionals there is more to Georgia than just ATL. On the weekends we are hitting the mountains, beaches, golf courses and soaking up that sweet southern charm and historical landmarks that no other state can replicate.

When a certain senior executive has a seat and pulls the Delta Sky from the front pocket for a flip, I hope this ad catches their attention for a moment or two and gives them pause. Should I relocate or expand to the state of Georgia? Quite clearly the answer is yes.

International Trade

One of my favorite aspects of working for the state of Georgia is to travel and visit the businesses that make our economy hum. The entrepreneurial spirit and the sheer volume of activity is astonishing.

It was a true pleasure working with these 3 companies to tell their story about how they have been able to increase their exports through assistance from the International Trade Team. Their sincerity is obvious.

Happy watching!

We Speak Business

Here is my latest video project. It took me months to gather testimonials from companies such as Porsche, General Motors, Panasonic and several others. But the end product is a short (1:45) and concise testimonial for Georgia’s exceptional business environment. Hope you enjoy!

Augmented Reality


I know apps like Layar and Junaio have been around for a while, but this is the first time I have actually employed the technology in a print ad.

QR codes have proliferated the ad space, and still have their place, but the amount of actual scans in the b-to-b realm is a little disappointing. Regardless, companies like Layar and Junaio are now offering QR code scanning as well but with more bells and whistles.

One thing I have found when it comes to prompting the Augmented Reality experience on your iPhone, Android or Tablet: the greater resolution and contrasting information in the image the better results you’ll get.

Download Layar and give the above a scan and let me know if it works!

Happy Holidays


This year we wanted to take a different approach with our holiday card and make it a little bit more interactive with a few calls to action. Of course, we were careful to keep it light and spirited without beating you over the head with a marketing message. We hope you like it.

Year in Review


I am pleased and proud to have participated in the creation of our department’s “Year in Review” which illustrates some of the teams’ accomplishments in fiscal year 2012.

Our designer did an amazing job!

If you know me and would like to have a better understanding of what I do on a day-to-day basis then check it out. You might also be amazed at how much is going on in the state of Georgia.

You can download the pdf here.

Video Storytelling


In the past couple of months I have had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a variety of individuals that play a significant role in Georgia’s economy. Some of the interviewees have consisted of the following:

  • Governor Nathan Deal
  • Mayor Kasim Reed
  • Commissioner Chris Cummiskey
  • Bud Peterson, President of Georgia Tech

And executives from Porsche, Panasonic and Baxter.

It is certainly a different approach than a written case study or a press release, but I find it to be a great mechanism for telling the economic development story and what Georgia has to offer both national and international businesses. And I get to ask the questions.:-)

Here’s a recent video featuring Porsche:

For others you can visit

Innovations in Aerospace


It was a real pleasure working with both the Georgia Centers of Innovation (COI) and AREA-I to produce this video.

The COI are an integral part of the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) and its ability to help companies in Georgia grow and compete. They offer industry expertise and connections to Georgia’s vast network of business, academic and government resources.

One of the six centers is focused specifically on Aerospace. A fine example of the type of companies they assist is AREA-I. Under a supporting grant from the Center of Innovation for Aerospace, Middle Georgia College entered into a joint research & development program with AREA-I for flight testing of an advanced UAV, the Prototype Technology Evaluation Research Aircraft (PTERA), to demonstrate a wide range of cutting-edge aerospace technologies.

Through this public/private partnership, the MGC-AREA-I team has a two-year window to fly PTERA at the Middle Georgia College Aviation facilities in Eastman, Georgia. As a result, MGC is gaining valuable expertise to support the development of future UAV curriculum while AREA-I has gained additional contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA and the United States Air Force.