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Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Book of Lists”


The Tampa Bay Business Journal recently selected one of my photos for their “2011 Books of Lists.”

They held a rather extravagant party at The Venue in Clearwater where more than 400 people were in attendance.

The Cirque performer and the 7 different themed rooms, bars and food were definitely a nice touch. How Maria Antoinette stood for hours in the midst of all those champagne glasses is anyone’s guess.

A big kudos to Alyssa Rhoads and the folks that put together the event. There were countless details that were not overlooked. It was especially nice to see the Tampa Bay business community out and about and definitely thriving. Who said the economy was suffering?

I’m not an artist or a professional photographer, but if little forays with my camera get me in to cool parties, well, I guess I’ll keep doing it.