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Annual Reports





If you have ever worked on a year in review or annual report then you know what it takes to encapsulate many months and multiple departments in a digestible format that is both creative and informative. It is no small task, and you more than likely took to Google in search of “award-winning annual reports” for creative inspiration.

After developing a strategy, outline and gathering all of the images and information needed to craft a completed piece, you’ll be left with one more challenge – the cover messaging and design.

In the case of economic development, or in a for-profit organization, it takes a community of people to accomplish something of substance. This year I took that concept a bit further by incorporating an abstract pie chart with “You” comprising the largest share. This extends to businesses that grow the economy – partner organizations that help businesses relocate or expand in Georgia – and tax payers, employees and those that are just now considering Georgia as their next destination.

We are all Partners in Progress, right? Click the Year in Review covers above to learn more.