Georgia Department of Economic Development

I have officially started a new position as director of account management in the marketing and department at the Department of Development.

I will primarily be serving the Global Commerce teams as they generate development throughout the state. They are an active group composed of 5 main teams:

  • Aerospace, Defense and Advanced
  • Logistics, Energy, Agribusiness and Food Processing
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Health Sciences and Advanced Technologies
  • Existing and Regional Recruitment
  • Investments

In addition, ten offices actively represent and promote the state to decision makers in their regions.

In 2011, the Trade Team assisted 265 trade deals in at least 37 countries; meanwhile, the Global Commerce team members supported 158 missions and trade shows.

The Department of Development also operates its Tourism Division as well as Film, Music & Digital Entertainment.

Another team is the Centers of . Focused on six clusters and located throughout the state, the Centers assist and partner with companies to help them accelerate growth and provide -specific knowledge, connections and innovative solutions.

For example, Bioscience:

There is a lot going on here in the state of Georgia. Stay tuned!

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