Interactive Holiday Cards

Coming up with a new holiday each year can be a challenge. But it is a challenge I enjoy.

When you are spending good money on and you need to balance the return on with cultural sensitivities around the holidays. In other words, do not sacrifice your brand integrity by disrespecting what the holidays are really about.

It was a lot of work, but this year I collected -centric statistics from well-known brands throughout and put a logistics spin on it.

2014 –

This year my goal was to make a holiday that could extend beyond our Department, and be usable and distributable by other state entities and citizens of Georgia.

Looking for other holiday ideas? Here’s a look back at the past two years of cards I’ve worked on.



As you can see, HTML, and even old Flash have all played a role. Now responsive and HTML5 is a significant consideration, so that individuals can view it on any type of device whether mobile, tablet or desktop.

It will be interesting to see what manifests next season.

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